Our goal is to make our Histon – Impington – Orchard Park area the first completely hedgehog friendly village network in the UK.

Our world is in a state where species are disappearing at an enormous speed – we have lost half of the world’s animals since 1970’s. Tigers, sharks, giant pandas, elephants, whales, and in the UK even hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) are threatened with extinction.

Hedgehog numbers declined by over a third between 2003 and 2014. There are now fewer than 1 million hedgehogs left in the UK down from an estimated 36 million in the 1950s. This means that hedgehogs now appear to be declining in the UK at the same rate as tigers are globally – at around 5% a year, both in rural and urban habitats.

The main reason behind the decline is HABITAT LOSS – and this is the point where our communities come into the picture. To save the hedgehogs we need people to work together with neighbours to make small changes that will make a big difference.

We might not know how to tackle climate change, or how to put a patch on the ozone layer, BUT we do have the capacity to save our hedgehogs and become a local conservationist. We can save the hedgehogs because we know what the problem is and we are perfectly capable of putting it right! Plus the solution for hedgehogs couldn’t be more simple:

Cut a hole in your fence. Simple as that!

Hedgehogs travel around one mile (ca.10 back gardens) every night through parks, gardens to find food, water or even a mate. If we continue having enclosed gardens we are getting in the way of our beloved hedgehogs.

Scientist proved that one of the main reason why hedgehogs are declining in Britain is because our fences and walls are becoming more and more secure – thus reducing the amount of land available to them.

No garden or green space can help hedgehogs in isolation, but when they are linked together hedgehogs can thrive. All we have to do is remove the barriers by making holes in our garden fences or walls for them to pass through. The gap should be only 5 inches square or 13x13cm, so it will be too small for most pets but big enough for hedgehogs.

It only takes 10 minutes to do it, it costs nothing but still you can save an endangered species – how amazing is that!

So we encourage you to be part of this unique and pioneering movement and let’s bring back hedgehogs to our beloved Histon – Impington – Orchard Park area. Together, we are not just helping hedgehogs locally but we are setting an example to other villages and cities around Britain on how to save an endangered species with the help of local communities.

Hedgehog Gardens are working together with the Histon and Impington Parish Council and the local Sustainability Group. We try to do our best to make our area an outstanding place both for people and nature.